Connecting With A Potential Customer Is One Thing

Closing A Deal Before The Competition


Business Solutions Designed For “Today’s Economy”

With the internet playing a major role in how to get a consumer to look your way, the conventional business landscape has changed forever.

In today’s world, most new customers already have an idea of what they want or need when they connect with a business, why?  

Because the majority have already read a review on Social Media or performed online research.

Let’s face it, most buyers are doing 2 things when they connect with your business today, price shopping or trying to get a payment plan in place.

You’ll be able to be more in control of profits and dramatically lower acquisition cost when you can offer a financing solution right off the bat.


  • Lower your customer acquisition cost

  • Close more sales with fast payment options

  • Increase average sales ticket or job size

  • Eliminate the need for discounting your product or service

  • Build a larger customer base FASTER

  • Expand Your Own Operations with Funding


Would you rather build a race car from scratch or have one already in the race?

We have the car and a whole pit crew waiting for you!

Organic Followers

We Reach Millions With Targeted Ad Campaigns



  • Social Media Marketing Campaigns
  • Sales Pages For Lead Generation
  • Chatbots for Instant Messaging
  • Source Financing Solutions


Today’s savvy shoppers expect the perfect combination of products, services and payment options without putting out much effort on their part.

By partnering with online lenders that are more flexible than local banks, you can help give potential customers the purchasing power they need to buy exactly what they want.

We’ll direct you to several lenders that will help you leverage the sale with different payment options to close the deal immediately (usually instantly).

The best way to increase your conversion rate is to get the consumer to TAKE ACTION on your goods or services before they explore other options.

That’s easily done by that little device usually already in their hand!



According to an article published by in Jan 2016

63% of Americans don’t have enough savings to cover a $500 Emergency much less have the extra money to make a major purchase.

With that in mind, you should realize going in that most of the potential customers engaging in your offers need help with a payment plan!

We will provide you with online lenders that fit your type of customer.

Whether you’re in the business of offering help with disaster issues, kitchen remodeling or medical procedures, most consumers are going to need help with financing.

You are going to get financial lenders to best suit your type of business at no charge. In fact, you will have a direct relationship with the lender(s).

We are a marketing firm, not a financial institution of any kind.

However, we do study the market and know that to convert a visitor into a customer today, a business must provide a process that is simple, quick and easy.

We Love Commission Arrangements!

We’re Flexible

Drop us a line below, we have no problem working with a Pay Per Call, Commission Only, or a Monthly Retainer arrangement.

Our parent company is MAG, we’re a Video Production and Social Media Distribution firm since 2009.

Today’s Shopping Tool of Choice

That Little Magical Device

If you want more business, we’ll focus your marketing efforts where today’s consumers are at!

Unlike most marketing companies that just want to show you stats of a bunch of traffic, that doesn’t convert.

Get Fresh Leads That Are Exclusive

Unlike some lead providers, the leads that you receive are not going anywhere but to you!

Leverage the Power of Online Financing

Convert Sales faster with Financing options on the spot, Kill Your Competition.

Differentiate Your Business from the Rest

Promote special offers and close more sales with convenient monthly payments.

Attract Customers with Monthly Payments

Win new and repeat customers with special financing options they want.

Increase Your Conversion Rates

Empower customers to purchase what they really want, and build better relationships.

Offer Financing With No Down Payment

Your customers are looking for convenient ways to pay. Be the one that helps them.

Our Online Marketing Campaigns Generate Leads Utilizing

Sales Pages/Websites

We’ll generate mobile friendly sales pages/websites designed specifically to convert visitors into customers.

Video Commercials

Video is a must have in Today’s marketing enviroment, we can produce an affordable video for your campaign.

Targeted Audience

If you’re not reaching the right audience in your campaign, you’re wasting time, energy and most important money.

Social Media

Since 2009, we have been establishing a social media presence that now reaches over 100,000 followers we’ll share your content to.


All the advertising in the world won’t increase sales if you aren’t solving a problem of some kind and have a call to action.

Proof Of Work

Here are actual examples of what we do.

It’s Very Simple, Really

Solve Problems – Get More Sales

We’re Here To Help You Starting Right Now!

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