Our hybrid model is a Win-Win scenario, you only pay a fraction of what a conventional online marketing campaign would cost. 

This model in which our network partner pays only for an actual contact generated by social media ad campaigns utilizing video ads (to lower ad cost) and, while they cost more, the overall costs to connect to a customer is more than 50% lower than PPC (Google Adwords).

Unlike pay-per-click advertising, in which advertisers pay for every click to their ad, our Pay Per Contact ensures you only pay for the contact to your business as opposed to just clicks.

Example, If you pay $20.00 a click and have 100 clicks that converted to 4 new acquisitions, you just spent $2000.00 or $500.00 for each job.

You will be charged only for the communication that is forwarded to your business.

Our program works on Flat Fee based

on 25% LCV (Lifetime Customer Value) Business Model.

Example, if the LCV of a new customer means $1000 in profit, then the cost is $250.00.

You will be billed on a weekly based on calls/contact received with full reporting that includes access to your recorded calls.

NOTE: The national average for getting a new customer today is approximately 33% of gross sales.

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